About us

The Golden Shop, formerly Carousel, is the largest kids’ sticker collection company in Greece. It is a family owned company having its roots back  in the 60’s, when Stephanos Bourantzis   first released stickers albums in Greece with a variety of topics, that very quickly succeed in attracting buyers’ interest.

The tradition continued by personal companies created by Bourantzis family in the 70’s,  while in the 80’s   the activity has been intensified with  Carousel companies and its successor, present day the  Golden Shop.
2015 finds the Golden Shop at the hands of the 2nd generation. Presently the company enjoys the advantages offered by the best machinery in Europe, ensures immediate production, release speed, impressive lay-out of publications, and company’s opening to worldwide markets.  The equipment of Golden Shop makes it a solid global competitor among industry’s top players and opens new opportunities for cooperation strategies in the company.

At the same time its collections continue along the path of company’s tradition and therefore offer to buyers the opportunity to enjoy even more impressive series of topics and expensive gifts   drawn and awarded to participants of its competitions.


  • Macintosh computers, for the creative part, operated by highly specialized personnel 
  • German 5 color Offset Printing unit HAIDEBERG 70x100 for printing stickers and kits 
  • Cylinder machine for printing album 
  • German Pollar 115 machine for cutting small piece stickers 
  • Packaging envelop machine for envelop stickers 
  • Italian machine for the avoidance of repeated stickers